Casino on a Cruise Ship Caravela casino the only high stakes live gaming casino in the country, Casino Goa recreates the magic of Las Vegas-on a ship. Offering a variety of games including American Roulette, Black Jack, rummy, slot machines and for the more adventurous, specially created private gaming rooms.

The "Caravela" is a class 7 vessel, which has been certified by the Merchant Marine Department. A class 7 vessel entails superior construction, in addition to navigation, life safety and fire prevention devices which have been imported.

"Caravela" 215 feet long, and comfortably able to accommodate 300 people. The Caravela is an entertainment destination. Docked at Mormugao, The Caravela takes on a breathtaking journeys from the harbor, to the Renaissance Goa Resort to Panaji and back.

Facility includes speciality restaurant, barbecues at the deck and a swimming pool, rooms, suites and personal lockers.

Water Sports Water Sports are offered in many of the beaches in Goa. In many of the beaches private operators offer fishing, sailing, para-sailing, water-skiing, wind surfing, diving, water scooters, boat rides and river cruises

Aguada Beach, Vainginim Beach, Bogmalo Beach are famous for water sports.

Boat cruises are being offered at Panaji jetty.

Nightlife Goans are music lovers and play Western as well as Indian music. Dances are organized at various clubs, streets and on the beach. Almost every village church feast is followed by a dance. Besides this, there are number of discotheques, some of which are in hotels. All the five star hotels have casinos.

Wildlife Sanctuaries Bhagwn Mahavir wildlife sanctuary Situated along the north eastern border of Goa, at Molem, about an hour and a half journey from Panaji, this sanctuary covers 240 square kilometer of the dense forest clad slopes of the western Ghats. Believed to be the state's largest sanctuaries, it is rich in wildlife, and is also a birdwatcher's paradise. It is common to see stampeding sambar, grazing chitals, langurs, wild boar and barking deer. From here, the dudhsagar falls is an hour's journey.

Bondla forest Sanctuary This sanctuary, in Ponda taluka, is eight square kilometers in area, and 52 kilometers from Panaji. It is really a small zoo, deer park and botanical garden. For garden-lovers, various plants are available on sale here. The zoo and gardens are closed on Thursdays.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Covering 105 square kilometers, this sanctuary is located in Canacona at the southern tip of Goa, about 60 kilometers from panaji. The land is part hills, part plains and is covered with dense forest and is well known for its varied wildlife(flora and fauna and reptiles). The ancient Jeevottam Partagal Math, noted for Vedic Studies, lies within.

Dr.Salim Ali Bird sanctuary The western spur of sleepy Chorao Island, reached by ferry from ribandar, 5 K.M east of Panaji has been turned into the Dr.Salim ali Bird sanctuary. Fringed by a dense wall of mangrove swamps, the roadless reserve, which can only get close to by boat, is home to a healthy and varied population of coastal birds, as well as flying foxes, jackals and the odd crocodile. The gray brown mud flats around the sanctuary are a good place to spot on of the regions more unusual fish, the buboes;headed mudskipper, which, as its name implies, can often be seen leaping through the slit.goa carnival

Carnival goa carnivalHeld during late February or early March, is the state's most famous festival. Introduced by the Portuguese as a means to let off steam before Lent, it has been celebrated with gusto in goa since the eighteenth century, and not

draws tens of thousands from around India and abroad.

In recent years, however, the colorful parade forming its centerpiece has been the cause of controversy, as its organizers are accused of vulgarizing Goan culture for crude commercial gain. In spite of the controversy, the main Saturday parade continues to draw large numbers of revelers to the Goan capital

ANJUNA FLEA MARKETAnjuna's Wednesday flea market is the hub of Goa's alternative scene, and the place to indulge in s spot of souvenir shopping. A few years aback, the weekly event was the exclusive preserve of backpackers and the area's semi-permanent population, who gathered here to smoke chillums, and to buy and sell clothes and jewelry. These days, however, everything is more organized and mainstream. Pitches are rented out by the meter, drugs are banned and the approach roads to the village are choked solid all day with buses and cars ferrying tourists from down the coast. The flea market is a great place just to sit and watch the world go by. Mingling with the suntanned masses are bands of strolling musicians, itinerant beggars, performing monkey acts and snake charmers, as well as the inevitable hippy jugglers, clad in regulation waistcoats and billowing pajama trousers.