It is advisable to hire a safe deposit locker to store your valuables, money, passport etc., Keep the safe deposit key always with you, if you loose them most of the hotels take a long duration to break-open the locker and it may cost you.


Before your start swimming in the sea try and learn the currents, tides and the depth.It is advisable to swim parallel to the shore. Do not swim during the monsoon, after eating and after drinking alcohol. Do not swim were there are water sports activities.


There are fire safety instruction in most of the Hotels please read the same before start of your holidays. Try and familiarize with emergency exit,locate fire extinguishers etc., If you find fire do not panic,leave your apartment to a safe area and inform the Authorities.


If your apartment has cooking facility ensure to switch off the burners and gas cylinders before leaving your apartment.


Smoking in banned in public places in India. Do not smoke in the public places if you are caught by the cops you may have to pay a large fine. After smoking extinguish cigarettes and use ashtray, do not drop the ash in bins and do not smoke in bed.


Voltage in Goa is 220 to 240 do not use electrical appliances which are below 220 Volt or above 250 volt. If you find any loose wire do not touch them it may be a live wire instead inform the authorities at once. Keep children away from electrical equipment.


When children are near the balcony it is advisable to supervise them. Avoid sitting on the railings of the balcony and do not attempt to claim the baloney.


It is advisable to keep a touch when you go out during the night time. Do not accept any eatables form unknown person.


Goa is a easygoing destination for women travelers: incidents of sexual harassment are relatively rare, and opportunities to meet local women frequent. It is advisable to remember the significant cultural differences.Swimsuits and bikinis are no monger deemed indecent,especially if worn with a sarong. Topless bathing and Nudism is illegal and against Indian culture.


Many travelers mistakenly imagine that because of Goa's free and easy reputation, drug use is legal. But possession of even a tiny amount of cannabis is a criminal offense, punishable by large fines or prison sentences of up to ten years or life term. In the past, minor crimes were usually cleared up on the spot with out-of-court settlements.These days, you can expect to be relieved of all your cash and valuables, and required to leave the state within 24 hours,if you're lucky - the grim of Fort Aguada prison accommodates several drug peddlers.


It is recommended not to ignore the travel insurance wherever you travel. In covering medical expenses and emergency flights, it is also insures your money and belongings against loss or theft. Flights paid for with a major credit or charge card offer some automatic cover, but usually only while traveling to and from your destination. Some package tours, too, many include insurance, but package operators more commonly offer an insurance deal as an extra; it might be worth checking against alternative policies, though difference in price and cover are likely to be slight.

Always check the fine print of a policy. A 24-hour medical emergency contact number is a must, and one of the rare policies that pays your medical bills directly, is far better than one that reimburses you on your return home. The per article limit for loss or theft should cover your most valuable possession, but, conversely, don't pay for cover you don't need, such as too much baggage or a huge sum for personal liability. Make sure, too, that you are covered for all the things you intend to do. Activities like climbing are usually specifically excluded, but can be added for a supplement.

Frequent travelers may benefit from annual insurance policies, but these usually put an upper limit on the duration any single trip, likely to be ninety days at most.

In UK - Columbus - Tele. No. 0101-375 0011 is about the cheapest, offering one month's standard cover or for three months. You may also try through Worldwide Travel Insurance Services Ltd., whose policies are sold direct from their head branch - Tele. No. 01892-833338 or fax 837744. Endsleigh, who sell policies through most major youth/student travel agent - Tele. No. 0171-436 4451 or 01234-817 711

In US travelers should carefully check their current insurance policies before taking out a new one. You may discover that you are already covered for medical and other losses while abroad. Holders of ISIC cards are entitled to be reimbursed for $3000 worth of accident coverage and sixty days of in-patient benefits of up to $100 a day for the period the card is valid. If you do want a specific travel insurance policy, there are numerous kinds to choose from; short-term combination policies covering everything from baggage loss or broken legs are the best bet, you may choose for thirty days, and additional per day for extra days, will buy you coverage of prepaid airfare and accommodation expenses of up to $25000, plus $ 10000 primary medical coverage. Insurance companies you might try include - Travel Guard Tele.No.1-800/826-1300, website Access America International Tele.No. 1-800/284-8300 and Worldwide Assistance Tele.No. 1-800/821-2828.

In Australia and New Zealand, the airlines and travel agents groups such as UTAG, at 122 Walker St, North Sydney, put travel insurance together. Tele.No.02/9956 8399, toll-free Tele.No. 1800/809 462: Cover-More, at 32 Walker St, Sydney. Tele.No.02/9202 8000, toll-free Tele.No. 1800/251 881: and Ready Plan, 141-147 Walker St, Victoria Tele.No. 1300/555 017 or 63 Albert St, Auckland Tele.No. 09/379 3208. Most adventure sports are covered, but are advisable to check you policy first.


If you need to make a claim, you must have a police report in the case of theft or loss. Your policy document will include the relevant form, which should be taken to the nearest police post to be signed and stamped as soon after the loss as possible.

Claims for medical expenses require supporting evidence of treatment in the form of bills, through with some policies, doctors and hospitals will be able to bill your insurers direct. Keep photocopies of everything you sent to the insurer and don't allow months to elapse before informing them. Write immediately and tell them what's happened; you can usually claim later.